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  • Owner: MGM MIRAGE Design Group
  • Property: Mirage Casino Hotel
  • Architect: Hamilton Anderson Associates
  • Designer: WET Design
  • Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Contract Value: $12.8 Million

The Las Vegas Strip just got hotter with the introduction of the redesigned Mirage Volcano. Specifically designed for the Mirage by WET Design and constructed by THOR Construction, 152 FireShooters™ are choreographed to shoot flames and fireballs during the show. The heat is sure to be felt by the amazed sidewalk spectators. The Giant FireShooter™ completes the show with a 60 foot fire eruption into the Las Vegas sky. Other natural elements have not been forgotten; water also shoots out of the Volcano, 50 feet higher than the previous Volcano. Steam and fog pour out of the top and sides of the Volcano. Fire and light ignite from the Volcano's crags - creating the appearance of fissures opening in the rock face. THOR Construction was thrilled to be a part of this historic undertaking.

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