US Bank Stadium Minnesota Vikings

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  • Owner: Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority
  • Property:
  • Architect: Bryan Trubey, John M. Hutchings, Heath May, Mark Williams, Kevin Taylor, Scott Hunter
  • Designer:
  • Location: Minneapolis Minnesota
  • Contract Value:

THOR Construction in partnership with Mortenson Construction has built the new home to the Minnesota Vikings and the 2018 Super Bowl. The footprint of the stadium is approximately 1.6 million square feet with 65,000 seats, expandable to 73,000 , 125 suites and 7,500 club seats. It contains seven levels, including two general admission concourses with 360-degree circulation and various views into the bowl. The stadium has the capability to host more events than any other large stadium in the world. Adjacent is a large west plaza (over two acres in size) for game day, non-game day and seasonal public gatherings as a connection to the downtown corridor. This stadium has the lightest and most efficient roof structure in the nation for a major new stadium, which includes a single large steel super truss providing primary support for the main long span roof. It is also the largest clear ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) roof in the world and the first on a stadium in the nation, allowing connection to the outdoors from a climate-controlled environment. Additionally, the stadium has five massive 50 by 95 foot glass doors - also the largest in the world - that will open to the west plaza.

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