NY NY Garage Parking Ramp

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  • Owner: MGM Resorts International
  • Architect: Populous
  • Designer: Lochsa Engineering
  • Location: Las Vegas Nevada
  • Contract Value: $980 K

THOR Construction’s latest development was double the success. Taking on the challenging job of developing the New York New York parking garage ramp while simultaneously continuing the ongoing construction of the neighboring T-Mobile Arena, the task was completed with minimal disruption. The new ramp is tied from the frontage road leading up to the 4th floor of the existing garage. Holding the structure in place are caissons 7-feet in diameter and at a depth of 60 feet with drillings for the massive caissons taking place within just a few feet of the 9 story garage. Construction began October 5, 2015 and was completed April 1, 2016. This major development will significantly improve traffic flow and promote business for the area in addition to being recognized as another Las Vegas monument built by THOR Construction.

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