Mandalay Bay Convention Center

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  • Owner: MGM
  • Property: Mandalay Bay
  • Architect: George M Rogers
  • Designer: George M Rogers
  • Location: Las Vegas Nevada
  • Contract Value: $66 Million

The Mandalay Bay Convention Center expansion consisted of approximately 365,000 square feet of convention space with 900 car parking garage underneath. As the General Contractor and self-performing concrete contractor, THOR was able to complete the job in record time – 8 months from the first bucket in the ground to the first exhibition in the convention. Working non-stop, THOR completed approximately 22,000 cubic yards of concrete poured on the Structural Deck in only 8 pours! The start date was moved out by the owner and due to pre-existing conventions taking place the end date could not be moved out. This set our team into fast action to ensure an on-time completion. Amidst a time crunching schedule and other challenges presented such as connecting the new building to the existing building by removing the 90% of the end wall and re-routing of a very large set of exit stairs required to maintain egress, THOR finished on-time and on budget.

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