Center Bar

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  • Owner: MGM MIRAGE Design Group
  • Property: New York New York and Casino Hotel
  • Architect: Westar
  • Designer: Westar
  • Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Contract Value: $2.75 Million

This culminating design is the focal point of the newly remodeled Casino Floor. The open design, invites guests to come in and relax while relishing in the well emulated modern New York feel. The crown jewel of the bar is the horizontal free-floating halo from which the building forms is a representation of the New York skyline bursting towards the sky ceiling. The free-floating halo, the inner ring of a set of concentric rings, held in place only by tension from the outer ring that was supported on 8 columns was no easy task. This posed many unique structural and millwork challenges for THOR Construction that were successfully met.

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